August 14, 2011

Collegiate quidditch

Per the request of Tristam, I was told to begin hammering Facebook posts, tweets, FourSquare checkins, and the entire social media gang all with one common topic: college quidditch.

Now, I really remembered this thanks to a project of archiving my Facebook status updates from day one to day...somewhere around 1,200 by now. Needless to say, my Internet tech savviness has been good, but in regards to quidditch, it has been outright unacceptable.

Since there's still a week left until college begins, for me at least, there is still a solid 168 hours left in learning about the bustling happenings of the Virginia Commonwealth University quidditch team. Upon doing heavy research, I analyzed it and pondered my contributions to the VCU Rams' success.

  • They have a YouTube video from 2008 showing their practice. Demanding shit.
  • Rather than being cliche and going by the "VCU Rams", they go by the "Wizengamot". I'm not kidding.
  • You can get THE LATEST NEWS on their MySpace...if it was 2008 and not 2011.
  • Phew! They're storming Twitter and Tumblr like crazy. And we all know I'm married to the tweeting service, so clearly it was meant to be. I should follow them on each respective site.
  • VCU pride! Wizengamot has colors of black, yellow........and purple.
  • The team is ranked 38th in the nation by the International Quidditch Association, better known as the IQA.
  • Seems like they share an intense rivalry with University of Richmond, Virginia Tech...oh, and Penn State. Somewhat...unexpected.
  • And probably the only thing that matters...they have a Facebook group. I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING A SOCIAL NETWORK!
And it was on Facebook I found out some critical information. They will "soon" tell us when quidditch interest meetings would begin.

Wasted effort.

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