April 26, 2010

The "Super" Renovation

You might have heard it first on Garrett Knows Stuff, but now it's official. Tyler Talk will be moving over to Blogger from WordPress, and will go under an extreme facelift that will take a couple weeks before the entire blog is transfered over.

We'll be completely changing the looks, design and overall interface with the blog, as well as make it more user friendly; primarily to Facebook, Twitter and Digg fans that follow Tyler Talk.

Social networking is one thing, but we'll also be re hauling the entire podcast, multimedia and sidebar options, too.

To give you a quick look at our upcoming renovation project, here's a look at our new plan for a better, more smarter, blog:

  • Facebook-friendly: The new Tyler Talk website ability to share, comment, rate, like, post and recommend blog posts through your Facebook account. No more requirements to have to make a WordPress account or give WordPress your email information.
    • Application: We have a temporary facebook page established, but we'll remove it within the next few days. The new page, which you can fan now will become the new Facebook page. Excerpts from blog posts will be posted there...and we won't have to type them. Special RSS import tools will play blog excerpts automatically on Facebook.
  • Tweet that: To some (but not many) people's surprise...Twitter is actually grabbing a threshold amongst readers of the blog. To cope with this, we'll offer the option to retweet post links and to easily @reply us on Twitter without ever having to leave the site
  • Full archive: Remember the old ancient, Facebook notes from back in the day? Like...WAY...back in the day? (November '08-ish). Every Tyler Talk blog from Day One to this very one you're reading will be available for reading in the archives
  • Multimedia facelift: The multimedia section right now? LAAAAME. Just two lousy videos? Pleeease, that's pathetic shit. Seriously, it's lousy obsolete as fuck. Now, for the new site it will include a smart video player that will play every TRW Films Inc video ever made.
  • Podcast introduction: Well...this has been news for a week or so now, but the new Multimedia page will include the option of listening to the new biweekly podcast that'll debut on May 15. We'll be placing the podcasts on iTunes and SoundCloud, too.
  • Pic of the Day returns: Remember Photo of the Day? Where have they been?! Well, on the new site a special album slideshow thanks to Flickr will show every photo of the day there has been since December 14, 2008 (first photo of the day).
  • But there's more! We can't list every possible new feature...primarily because we cannot think of them all...but we'll let you (and ourselves) figure that one out when it debuts on June 10, 2010.

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