April 30, 2010

Best Rock Songs of 2010 (so far)

Please remember...so far is in-fact the keyword here. Figuratively speaking, this is my list of the Top 10 best rock songs of this decade...this year (2010) in my opinion. Has a bit of a mainstream slant, to some people at least, then again, to others it could be a bit too obscure.

Honorable mentions: Song For A Sun — Stone Temple Pilots, Watch This — Slash feat. David Grohl, Feel Like I Do — DP, The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues) — Switchfoot

10. Between The Lines —Stone Temple Pilots

I loved practically all of STP's work from Core...to well...let's be honest. Shangri-La Dee Da sucked as an album. Hollywood Bitch was probably the only legitimate track on the album screaming of mediocrity. Velvet Revolver seemed to further "pop"-itize Wieland, especially with some of the Libertad fillers. It was a new take, and I enjoyed Libertad. Wasn't so pysched with Contraband. Back together though, the Pilots (well lie), but make a rather nostalgic rapid jingle. If you read the comments on the Stereogum blog post about the single, good points were made.

9. Your Decision — Alice In Chains

These are how ballads should be. Post grungers take note.

8. Cryin' Like A Bitch!! — Godsmack

Simply put it, Godsmack is a redneck Alice In Chains for our generation to devour their ears...and maybe their eyes to. Somewhat of a cheeky title, that's a bit immature, yet it's a whole fresh new facelift beat for Godsmack. Sadly overlooked so far.

Below is the music video via Vevo and Godsmack on YouTube. Wasn't so crazy about it. Tell me what you thought of it.

5. Substitution — Silversun Pickups

Panic Switch has gotten so overplayed on every alt. rock radio station that it's nearly negated the other quality songs on Swoon. Take this one, the second single Substitution. While it's the trippy shoegaze like Panic Switch is, it's a soothing straightforward composition.

4. Letter From A Thief — Chevelle

3. Lisztomania — Phoenix

More alt. than rock? Perhaps, but the optimistic beat of Phoenix makes this a reminiscent, yet onlooking track that makes you feel all nirvana-y...if that fits?

Compare it with them live. Hard to tell the difference, right?

Phoenix - Lisztomania from Jen Clapp on Vimeo.
Austin City Limits Music Festival, October 2, 2009

2. Got Some — Pearl Jam

The third Pearl Jam single for whatever reason reminds me of some type of 1940s-esque police mystery, has a bit of a gleeful, yet suspicious sounding tune. Evidentially it's fairly catchy and crafty, and as all the tracks have been on Backspacer, unpredictable. Times I forget that it's the grunge masters of Pearl Jam composing this piece.

1. Mountain Man — Crash Kings

It's 2010's answer to "My Doorbell", a single from the White Stripes EP that got old...very quickly. Yes, don't worry. This song has more than the dozen or so words that are in that obnoxious tune.

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