June 18, 2011

A Forgotten Reconnection with Mason

My sleep schedule is finally starting to get back on track, and with it, I have begun the enduring process of finishing up thank you notes to family and friends who have given me any type of gift for graduation. Still way behind, and yet having some to do, I decided to mail off two more thank you notes I finished and sealed off for elsewhere. As I pressed stamps on the envelopes my mom came inside with an envelope in her hand.

Initially, I was at a bit of a confusion, primarily because she was going to run errands and pick up my loving brother, Rory, from a friend’s house. She handed it to me, and explained how she saw a letter from the Mason’s admissions office.

The fact that Mason finally sent me something threw me off like no other. For instance, ever since I got a wait list letter from Mason last April, I knew it could be as long as three months before I heard anything. It was not quite three months, but it was a prolonged wait coming to an end. Unfortunately, it was nothing in terms of we have extra space, nor a plea asking to join them. So with that, I’m for sure locked to going to VCU this fall, which really is nothing in the way of upsetting. Whether I trained myself to think that way or it was a lack of interest that waned each successive day is the real wonder.

Thus, the nearly nine-month saga of trying to make Mason finally capped off. It had a roller-coaster journey that reached its apex with a high mid-year GPA that put me in actual consideration under the Mason scope, but a nadir when I received a third quarter grade of a “D” in Physics that led to a rat race of scrambling to propel my grade back up to a “B”. In the end, it was not wasted effort, but a chain of bipolar memories.

Some of the good memories of this Mason process came from a short application video I made with my friends on a crisp November day. During a Teacher Workday, me and about ten of my friends went on the main campus of Mason and filmed a series of quirky snippits sharing why I’m the ideal candidate that Mason should cry for.

It also sparked a short-lived, but thrilling chain of playing quidditch. On a warm October morning, while touring Mason, our tour guide spoke about the Mason quidditch team. The idea of bringing that magic, if you will, to Robinson magnified once my friend Sean created a constitution to create the school quidditch club. Though rejected, we created our own league, and played a handful of games. Some bystanders looked at us in bewildered fashion, but the rush while playing it was unlike anything I’ve ever played before.

Perhaps the most disheartening memory had to come from the Application Addendum, which I submitted to Mason at the start of May. There, I learned that Mason may possibly, maybe even likely, will not revert to its wait list due to the likelihood that enough accepted students will enroll causing the school not to revert to the wait list. Well, there calculations were not flawed one bit.

Following the deceiving news from the Admissions office, I felt a great influx of pessimism about Mason. With it, my interest in Mason slowly, but gradually wanned, and I decided to go forth with VCU. Evidently, it was not official until I posted it on my Facebook, as are all things these days. The reality is, that’s hardly a joke, but a fact of modern day communication. So, that being said, as June began, I really developed a VCU mantra, especially when fellow seniors and myself began pondering the life of college when the ever prolonging days of Robinson finally looked numbered.

Then it came. The final week of Robinson Secondary School. Massive memories and nostalgia poured into my head, while a storm of thrill complimented a chain of last’s. Most notably, the final joys of high school involved the paper throw, prom, prom after parties (infamously) which all culuminated with the formal graduation and the subsequent All Night Grad Party. Stories that I have never blogged about, partially due to a lack of time, and also because I did not feel an urge to blog about such topics.

In fact, it’s been awhile since I last blogged. I mean, yes, I have blogged numerous videos in the realm of soccer as well as churned out a handful of MLS Power Rankings for The Pursuit of Victory blog, but nothing that associated with my life, which is crucial for the sometimes dull personal blogging. But during those events, whether it’d be talking or dancing with friends at prom, texting on the prom bus, or losing to friends at billiards during the All Night Grad Party, college was the commonplace topic, the ice breaker of conversation, the common collective thought that every high school senior at my school had to have been thinking at point during those three events.

I faintly spoke about the possibility of Mason maybe saying yes, and at point, I even considered choosing VCU over Mason if they decided to say yes to me. Thankfully, that option never arose, or else I’d be worrying about far more different things. The reconnection derailed me a bit, so much this blog is even in existence.

The supposition of all this. It may seem as if an incredible dosage of my time was wasted over these past nine months, but then again, a lot of monumental senior year memories are actually possible because of Mason, in perhaps the most indirect way. I actually had an enjoyable winter that did not involve track, and I have a corny as hell video I can look back and laugh at. And I’m not talking about the weak jokes. I think by now you can infer what it will be.

So, the Mason journey is over. There’s VCU to look forward to in nearly two months, and a summer to enjoy….ugh cliches… exuberayting… times with friends before the so-called best four years of your life arrive.

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