February 16, 2011

GMU Mission Admission: Prompt 3

Right now, the second semester has finally commenced. To my surprise, there has not been that much widespread senioritis. I believe part of it is that many students, like myself, have yet to hear from that top college they aspire to go to. Evidently, mine is Mason, and they're the final school I have yet to hear from of the five colleges I applied to. So far, I have been accepted into every other school I applied to, and it would be a nice finishing touch to get admitted into the fifth and final school: Mason.

That being said, there's no guarantee. Mason is arguably the most challenging school I'm applying to, which makes sense that I would last hear from them. Regarding the Mason admission process, I'm becoming a bit concerned in regards to my application, and making sure all was successfully sent in: my interims, transcripts, semester grades and the entire application (including the video). I've worried about this, primarily because one of my friends, Garrett, has had an irritating time trying to submit his transcript, which the Admissions Office has never received. A handful of my other friends that have applied to Mason have been mailed back letters saying they are missing certain pieces of their applications, many of which they claim they have turned in.

Ironically, a few friends I know have already heard back from Mason and have been accepted into the school. This hardly surprises me, as these are my friends with stellar grade-point average's that are either well above 4.0 or a hair beneath. I believe only one of them though is realistically seeing Mason as their top choice, while others deem it as their "safety" school or a school they do not want to go to, simply because of its proximity to where we live (Burke/Fairfax, VA...it's understandable).

It's caused a flustering situation between a mix of people who truly want to go there, and have yet to hear back or have had forms misplaced. Still, it's only mid-February, and typically, college letters saying whether one is accepted, rejected or wait-listed do not come out for another month or so. Patience.

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