September 18, 2010

A. Anna Farwell
1) Do you love this person? Surely.
2) Is this person an enemy? Absolutely.
3) Would you kiss this person? Negates previous questions.

B. Breanna Smith
1) What do you really think of this person? he's a pretty cool kid!
2) What's their favorite color? Black and gold. I mean, they're the Columbus Crew colors afterall...
3) Ever danced with them? haha nope

C. Garrett Clay
1) Do you have a crush on this person? I would much prefer not to talk about that.
2) Have you ever had a crush on them? No comment.
3) How old are they? 17.

D. Michael Dulan
1) How long have you known him or her? I would say around first or second grade.
2) Biggest regret? Michael Dulan has no regrets. 
3) Do you hate this person? He's literally unhateable. I made that word up.

E. Matt Everett
1) Have you met their parents? Once. Homecoming and carpooling. 
2) Worst thing about this person? How can you even ask something like that?! 
3) Best thing about this person? "Hi Tyler." Enough said. 

F. Richard Mial Fessenden
1) Have you ever dated this person? Plenty of hookups, not sure about dating.
2) When is the next time you will see him/her? Randomly.
3) Do you go to school with them? I once did. 

G. Stephen Goodrick
1) Are they a good listener? Terrible listener. 
2) Have you ever lied to this person? My promises to not mention things on the "list"...well that never happens, ever. In fact, that's the only thing I ever talk about to him (and Ben). That's an inside joke, by the way. 
3) Is this person nice? Lets be realistic, everyone praises him. I guess that's enough of a resume to say yes.

H. Hanna Parsons
1) What grade are they in? 12th/senior, etc etc.
2) Is he/she your best friend? I don't like playing favorites, although she, me and Ben have a special track-bond from sophomore year.
3) Ever done something illegal with this person? Well, I'd hope not. Nothing I know of.

I. Konnor Hoiswahphiliswahblah III
1) Is this person in a relationship? You never know with Connor.
2) Where do they live? Near Stephen and Jackie.
3) What color hair does this person have? Glory. 

J. Jackie Cummings
1) Do they have any siblings? A brother whom she dearly loves to death.
2) Do you know their favorite song? Probably changes when there's a new single on Hot 99.5...
3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? Hmmm, technically she did something along those lines, but that's a different story. 

K. Kyle Barry
1) How old were you when you first met? The start of sophomore year...for me, freshman year for him. It was a gorgeous moment that I will never forget. Oh age? That'd be 15 for me.
2) Ever danced with this person? Victory dance when D.C. United won it's only game this year.
3) Ever kissed this pereson? I don't love Kyle that much.

L. Lizzy Sirney
1) What would you do if you had never met this person? Well that'd mean no Kyle. No spontaneous adventures with Lizzy and Kyle. Life would blow beyond belief. 
2) Do you like him/her? It seems to me that Kyle wishes I liked her more to the extent of marriage. 
3) Would you go to Disney World with this person? Absolutely! long as Kyle could tag team along. 

M. Mayra Dalence
1) Is this person older then you? Not even close.
2) Is this person single? She's married to an apparently awful wife that goes by the name "Justin von Hausen".
3) Have you ever got caught doing something bad with this person? Funny story. I have, kind of. At Scout Camp a couple buddies and I tied up him to his cot with fish wire while he was asleep and our Scoutmaster caught us. Technically, that's a yes. I think it is.

N. Jack CoNNors
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? VD staff would presume that soon enough, with our interview sprees.
2) Have you seen this person cry? There's probably some trite statement I could make stating that Jack never cries in part his personal being, but I have not seen him cry to date.
3) Do you know this persons favorite sport? Fighting justice, solving mysteries, Metternick meetings will Graham, and rugby. 

O. Tristam Osgood
1) Do they have braces? No.
2) Whens the last time you saw him or her? When me, him and Kyle went to the D.C. United v. Philadelphia Union game.
3) Have you ever liked each other? "What do you think of Tristam?" - David Weinberg.

P. Patrick Mortiere
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? Don't believe so.
2) Are you fairly close to this person? To a certain extent, you could say that.
3) Does this person have a job? He does something at the Burke Nursery, I think he sweeps stuff. Custodian? Or he evidently might do stuff involving plants. 

R. Graham Rockwood
1) Have you heard this person sing? If preaching politics was lyrics then I've heard numerous symphonies from the guy. 
2) Do you think this person will repost this? Graham. He could. This is Graham though, so his answers will be bias towards politics and socialism, maybe even Jack Connors.
3) What's one thing you would change about this person? The ability to successfully plan an event.

S. Sarah Minor
1) Is this person taller then you? Not even...
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her? The two times were miraculous. I mean that earnestly. 
3) Do they live near you? I think she does. Just near Lake Braddock. SHE on the other hand, does not concur. 

T. James Turner
 1) When was the last time you saw him/her? Probably earlier this week.
2) Have you been to his/her house? Don't think so.
3) Do you like this person? I always like a fellow Canadian compatriot. Even if I'm French Canadian

V. Justin von Hausen
1) Do you see this person a lot? Quite often indeed.
2) When did you meet him/her? Last year.
3) What is this person's favorite food? I'll figure that out soon enough.

W. Mike Willis
1) Is this person quiet or loud? Bipolar-esque. Just kidding, but he can be loud and then quiet quickly. Never mind that "just kidding" - omit it -, he's fucking bipolar in that context.
2) Name a friend that both of you are close to? Either our Irish buddy Aidan or our good-assertive (in training) Will.
3) What color eyes does this person have? Brown....I gotta focus on his eyes more.

Z. Zach Sheldon
1) Do you have any nicknames for this person? Zach is plentiful. 
2) How do you know this person? I would say it was through mutual friends at the tail end of middle school/beginning of high school.
3) Ever been to this person's house? Don't think so.

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