May 21, 2010

Finding out the tragedy of Abdul Chadli

Horrific, horrific, and extraordinarily sadening news to be announced late this Friday evening—or for some—extremely early this Saturday morning. A student named Abdul Chadli was struck by an out of control SUV on Lee Highway, killing Chadli and the driver of the SUV. The SUV wouldn't stop however until it smashed into a nearby tree.

From what News Channel 8 has been reporting, many people eye-witnessed the infamous site. Below is an embedded video of their views on the investigation:

The incident was reported and posted to the Breaking News Blog on the Washington Post's web site at around...11:00 PM? So, in terms of new content on, it's still fairly new and unraveling news. 

I first heard the news when I first read a status update from a friend of mine that goes to Fairfax High School that said R.I.P. Abdul. Initially, I was a bit confused about this, then I saw another one, this was (according to Facebook) posted about 'two hours ago'. So, realistically speaking around the 9:00 PM time frame, it was up.

My own personal research came from a Facebook event requesting people to wear black in his honor this Monday. This is where I found out his name, and then I Facebook searched his name, then I Google searched it, where I found the streaming video that's embedded above. I then went to the Post's site, where it was one of the more newer stories on the site.

I guess it's a commonplace statistic that most people obtain their info from Facebook nowadays, which I'm ashamed of, but it shows how amazing of a tool the site has become from being a slap-in-the face site, to a streaming, mock-Twitter, social news wire. Honestly though, it's horrible that it is being in use for an event such as this. But not only did it make me think (once again) about life's fragility, but the ability that Facebook and Twitter can use to stream breaking news to people within moments of it happening and hours prior to the story hitting the newspapers, online news sources and blogs. 

My nights been thrown of significantly by this tragedy, and to if any friends, family or relatives how Chadli happen to come across this posting, my thoughts go out to you all. Stay strong.

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