October 21, 2009

Accu...Fuck up...

No need for a major introduction here, we all know it. AccuTrack is a piece of a shit. Okay, it isn’t really. The real explanation behind the whole errors and failure of the program is because AccuTrack wasn’t intended to have so many people during a period of time use the program to sing up for classes during RAISE.

So what happens? It’s fairly obvious...the server crashes and we get screens saying the typical infamous page saying “this page cannot be displayed”. Reactions to this vary somewhat. I’ve seen people angrily press down on the F5 (refresh) button in false hope that it’ll actually work. In some cases it does...but then the next page you visit...fails. What a surprise. Others just flat out give up and say internally “fuck it”, and close out of the program and whine to their teacher about how much of a epic fail AccuTrack is. List goes on.

So what I do? I just hold down the F5 key and enter key until after about three to five minutes it works...then when it says for the next page it fails...then I got “fuck this bullshit”, and sign up manually on paper. This is what I did on Monday, and when you look into the next story below, when I signed up on paper and it was handed into the subschool....it was a major mistake.

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