December 31, 2008

Memorable events for me in 2008

  • January 1 - Starting off the new year. 
  • January 19 - Getting to drive for the first time ever in my life, well in a car in public that is. I didn’t even have my permit yet. 
  • February 1 - Making the dumbest movie ever with Garrick and Dillon. 
  • February 26 - Trying out for Soccer even though I didn’t make the team. 
  • March 7 - Doing my Eagle Scout Project alongside Mial Fessenden and finishing it the next day and the Lock-In we had the same day. 
  •  March 15 - Earning my Eagle Scout Rank 
  • March 20 - Seeing Tennessee for the first time in my life, even though it was for an hour and thirty minutes. 
  • April 12 - After some DMV complications with the camera I get my permit! 
  • April 15 - Getting to go with a Select group of Eagle Scouts to go inside the White House basement alongside with Patrick Coleman and Sam Hensle. 
  •  April 16 - Being recorded on national TV and getting to see Pope Benedict and President Bush, and being able to represent BSA. 
  • May 16 - Successfully making a movie that would showed as an English Project. Making Acceleration was fun. Thanks to Garrett Clay, T.P., Rory Walter, Stephen Goodrick and Garrick LaBriola that helped me make the movie. 
  • May 31 - Watching my sister graduate from high school. This was from Saint Margaret’s School in Tappahannock, Virginia. 
  •  June 13 - The last day of my freshman year of high school. Spending part of it with what was an awesome English class. 
  •  June 18 - Becoming the first scout in two years to get an Eagle Bronze Palm. June 25 - When working at an archery range in Haymarket, getting my first bulls-eye, then texting the picture of it to all my friends. 
  •  July 13 - When I saw Anna at the pool and my brother and sister got mad at me cause I stayed at the pool and two hours longer than they wanted to. 
  • July 17 - Taking that boring Geometry class and during our 10 minute break, we took a 45 minute break and ditched the class with the new friends I made. It was awesome doing that. July 23 - Winning my family’s inaugural summer tournament “Beach Bash ’08” with my brother and sister. 
  • July 28 - Making the movie Benjamin Meadow with Garrick and Garrett. Ben Field knows he loves the movie. 
  •  July 30 - Apparently I was sleeping at the pool and Rachel Metz claimed to see me, but she was scared to wake me up. 
  •  August 4 - Having to come home from Goshen early because of the e. coli outbreak at the camp. Thankfully I was a-ok. 
  •  August 10 - Getting back home from going to New Jersey with Dillon Nold, my brother’s friend. It was fun, but I was mad I didn’t get to bring any friends with me. My parents would think I would bring too many people. 
  •  August 15 - Seeing the wonderful movie “Tropic Thunder” with some friends, it was truly an interesting movie. A few days later I would see “Step Brothers”. August 20 - Going bowling with some friends even if I was in dead last. 
  •  August 23 - Seeing my sister go off to college. It was so cool to see a college campus. Roanoke College is a nice school, but it’s small. 
  • August 24 - Getting revenge on Anna by beating her in bowling. A memory Anna doesn’t want to remember. 
  • September 20 - Homecoming ’08. Enough said. 
  • September 24 - Turning 16, it was an awesome birthday. So many people remembered and I got some awesome gifts from friends and family. 
  •  October 4 - The Order of the Arrow Ordeal. It sucked, but I got into an Honor Society. 
  •  October 12 - Clifton Day. Had to campaign in an historical election supporting Obama, Warner and Conelley who all won their elections. I got all my AP Government hours that day campaigning with Michael Callo, Ben Johnson, Tim Ferrell and Dillon Meyer. I also saw Laura and Ada there which was cool. 
  • October 31 - Dressing up as an Indian man at Mariam’s Halloween Party. I looked terrible though, but I look back and chuckle.
  •  November 2 - Making a Public Service Announcement on Kidnapping with Michael Willis and Dillon Meyer. 
  • November 10 - Starting Indoor Track and it’s fun and pain involved. 
  • November 22 - Getting to go paint balling for the first time in two years even though my gun kept malfunctioning. 
  •  December 6 - Going to my first track scrimmage and going to a bonfire all at the same time. Oh yeah, starting Tyler Talk. 
  •  December 12 - Truly an infamous day, worst day of the year. Got ripped off at the track meet. 
  • December 17 - Finally getting elected as Senior Patrol Leader. 
  • December 19 - After a rebound from the 12th, I went on to win my 1000 meter race and run a 11:02 in a 3200 meter race. Awesome day. 
  • December 27 - Winning the family’s air hockey tournament again. I made history being the first person to win it back to back. 
  • December 31 - Reminiscing the events that occurred in 2008. Also having a bizarre track practice. A freak snow storm came in with 50 mph winds.

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