April 29, 2008



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It's been confusing to tell how I lived. It was an unusual genetic error, that scientists told me. This was a change in the kind of species laboratories told me I mutated into. I was immune to toxic liquids.

I was chosen at random to go to a laboratory in New Mexico. They were neuropsychologists making and developing types of liquids that could potentially be required in every medical cabinet within a decade. The prototype solvent would balance out any type of liquid that the person drank no matter how dangerous or how flammable these acids could have been.

The agency would give me a million-dollar heck for drinking about eight fluid ounces of pure gasoline. The actual types used in automobiles. I was a tad bit concerned about the dangerous of the fumes and toxins that are in gasoline and if I got close to fire, my body would ignite and I'd burn to death in an instant.

But the revenue received from the lab was more than satisfactory for me. So I accepted and drank the gasoline, I feel like I'd throw it back up up. But there was an incident, all the vaccine got contaminated, and one thing was in their mind: he's going to die.

Almost an hour past before I finally felt fine. The scientists were perplexed. I looked normal and did not look the least bit ill. Heck, I felt as if I never swallowed that crap.

The scientists kept me overnight to do further research. When they took a blood sample to test my DNA, I had a genetic error that made me immune to toxic liquids and harmful fumes. THe scientist must have seen this as a miraculous mutation.

Now they were wanting to clone me and make my DNA samples a vaccination for people who accidentally swallow toxins. This was because the blood in my body was more immune to toxins than their prototype medicine.

I was...a superhuman.

I had quit my job...(story cuts off)

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