December 14, 2007

Bowling with Garrick


Anger is not a word often used to describe bowling. But when it came to bowling with Carl, Garrick and Tyler Graver then it can be. Because I have a very interesting story to share that perhaps Garrick will try to forget. It was our second game of bowling we were...playing. My score and Garrick's score was neck and neck close, and it was the real competition. 

That is because, Carl was 30 points ahead of us and, well, Tyler Grave...he was 30 behind us. Garrick went on and ended his game with an 81. I had a 78, I needed just five pins to beat him. The first roll: it bounced and rolled down the gutter, Garrick leaped up enamored and chanted phrases such as "Tyler don't mess up" and "Tyler! Don't screw up!". Thankfully, I heeded his advice. I hesitated at first as I looked down the lane and thought to myself "wow, what an awesome English pre-write journal entry this will be if I beat Garrick."

So with that in mind, I took a deep breath, then I rolled the ball down the lane, it was going and going, to the pins and knocked a couple down. Garrick and I had our eyes glued to the score screen above us. And! I beat Garrick at bowling for the first time ever! He immediately began to yell words that I cannot say at school, but it was a great feeling. And now, Garrick is seeking revenge the next time we go bowling.

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