September 04, 2007

Best or Worst Thing I Did This Summer


The best and worst things that I did this summer happened at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. Why it is the best and worst things, are that now I am at home looking back on July when I did this trek, I look at it and see it as an awesome experience. I mean, it was some land I have never seen in my life. There was amazing views in the mountains of the Rockies that made the Appalachians look like puny, pathetic hills. I saw animals one could never see at home. I saw a vastly different culture/architecture driving to and from there in New Mexico. I got to hike with my friends for two weeks without obnoxious siblings  So overall, things I have done and I look back and have stories. But there was a few things while there that made it awful. While you're there you thought of it as a nightmare. Homesick, emotions, bored at points, exhaustion and pain. As you look on it you forget about the pain and see it as an amazing experience.

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